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  • A piece of physical theater, with an aerial structure and 2 trapezes.

NAGUAL proposes a journey through the energy of nature, where a body in transformation tells us about the strength and fragility, life and death, where the roots dance, and the power of the wind makes everything move.
A multidisciplinary, poetic, and provocative show, with the focus on the actor’s encounter with space, and the public.


Physical and aerial theater
– theater without words / only visual
– Work length: 30 minute (street festival) – 45 min (theatre)
– The show is suitable for all audiences, children and adults, and fits outdoors and indoors.

– Directed and Performed by Adriano Cangemi 🇦🇷/🇮🇹
– Created within the Master in Physical Theater at Accademia Teatro Dimitri 🇨🇭
– With the help of Pars Stiftung 🇨🇭

– SPECIAL PRICE 🏆 in Bewegter-wind Festival 2018, Dörnberg 🇩🇪
– Administration Kyrielle Creation 🇫🇷

Video Trailer 👇

🎥 filmed in Sarlat-la-Caneda, 🇫🇷 2019

🎥 filmed in Verscio & Locarno 🇨🇭 2019 ( with the swinging Trapeze)

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Photos 👇

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Technical needs 👇

Adaptable for Public spaces, Circus tents and Theaters. To play in outdoors spaces, we use an aerial structure made of carbon fibre, and a trapeze.
We have 2 different structures:

1- The portique for the Swinging Trapeze

Structure of 7 meters high, with 4 or 6 anchor points, to be anchored to the ground (can be tied to the ground with 6 stakes, or 4 ballast of at least 500 kg each).
Total size, with integrated audience: 10 x 10 m, height 8 m.
The installation of the structure requires the help of 3 people.
⏳Set Up / Assembly time: 60 min.
⏳Disassembly time: 60 min.

2- Tripod for the Fixe Trapeze

Structure without anchor points.
Required space: 7 x 7 m, height 6 m.
Installation of the structure autonome.
⏳Assembly time: 30 min.
Disassembly time: 30 min.

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