🌬️ moved by the wind 🌀

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  • A piece of physical theater, with an aerial structure and 2 trapezes.

NAGUAL proposes a mysterious journey into the world of the druids, where a body in transformation speaks to us of the strength and fragility of nature. With a personal dance full of symbolism, rebirth is celebrated as a call to choose all together the seeds to sow.

An individual, multidisciplinary, poetic and provocative show, where the emphasis is on the meeting between the actor, the space, the audience and the power of the wind, which makes everything move.

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Physical and aerial theater
⏳Work length: 30 minutes
Directed and Performed by Adriano Cangemi 🇦🇷/🇮🇹
Created within the Master in Physical Theater at Accademia Teatro Dimitri 🇨🇭
SPECIAL PRICE 🏆 in Bewegter-wind Festival 2018, Dörnberg 🇩🇪

  • Download Dossier 2020 / 2021 👉 NAGUAL

Video Trailer 👇

🎥 filmed in Sarlat-la-Caneda, 🇫🇷 2019

🎥 filmed in Verscio & Locarno 🇨🇭 2019 ( with the swinging Trapeze)

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Photos 👇

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Technical needs 👇

Adaptable for Public spaces, Circus tents and Theaters. To play in outdoors spaces, we use an aerial structure made of carbon fibre, and a trapeze.
We have 2 different structures:

1- The portique for the Swinging Trapeze

Structure of 7 meters high, with 4 or 6 anchor points, to be anchored to the ground (can be tied to the ground with 6 stakes, or 4 ballast of at least 500 kg each).
Total size, with integrated audience: 10 x 10 m, height 8 m.
The installation of the structure requires the help of 3 people.
⏳Set Up / Assembly time: 60 min.
⏳Disassembly time: 60 min.

2- Tripod for the Fixe Trapeze

Structure without anchor points.
Total size, with integrated audience: 8 x 8 m, height 6 m.
Installation of the structure autonome.
Assembly time: 30 min.
Disassembly time: 30 min.

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