About us

In my childhood, I was always intrigued by an action: FLY. With circus I discovered that my dream could be possible; and the feelings that my body was experiencing could be transmitted directly to the public.

Constancy and training allowed me to play in the air without limits; perseverance and passion led me to develop in three languajes that made me travel through different stages in Latin America and Europe: Circus, Dance and Physical Theater.

Then came a point in my career where I felt the need to build a message more complex than circus numbers, where I try to tallk about the ideas I defend and the emotions that moves me. With this premise I started more than four years ago to work on create my parallel universe, my first solo show: NAGUAL.

My quest is part of a need to express through an authentic language, investigating the anatomical, visual and rhythmic possibilities of the body. My goal is to give to the spectators an strong visual impact with a hopeful message

I think that as an artist, the most efficient survival mechanism we have is to pursue our dreams.


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