Technical needs

NAGUAL – moved by the wind

Adaptable for Public spaces, Circus tents and Theaters.

To play in outdoors spaces, we use an aerial structure made of carbon fibre, and a trapeze. We have 2 different structures:

1- The portique for the Swinging Trapeze

One is 7 meters high and has 6 anchor points to be anchored to the ground, which allows to fly in the swinging trapeze. The anchor points have to be nailed into the floor, or secured by 6 structural stones of 500 kgs each one. Space Required: 7,5 mts high, 10 mts wide, and 10 mts long. Time to set up: 60 min. Time to disassemble all: 45 min.

2- The trepied / Tripod. Self standing option

We have a free standing tripod structure (without anchored points), also made of carbon fibre, that allows us to finish the show with fixed trapeze. Minimum space required: 6.5 mts high, 6 mts wide, 6 mts long. Time to set up: 20 min. Time to disassemble all: 20 min.

Bridge For circus tent, theaters or close spaces

We have the bridge and the anchors staff to adapt the trapeze to flight, in a theater room/places. Which implies an Scenic space with: 8 meters high; 6 m wide; 10 mts long. Space required for installation: 8 mts high; 10 m wide; 10 mts long.
If the room is a bit smaller, we can also adapt the show. We required: two anchor points or a bridge to hang aerial staff, 6 meters high; 5 m wide; 5 meters long.

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