Technical needs

NAGUAL – moved by the wind

Adaptable for Public spaces, Circus tents, and Theaters.
To play in outdoor spaces, we use an aerial structure made of carbon fiber, and a trapeze. We have 2 different structures:

1- The structure for the Swinging Trapeze

Structure of  7 meters high, with 4 or 6 anchor points to be anchored to the ground, which allows to fly in the swinging trapeze. The anchor points have to be nailed into the floor, can be stakes, directly to the ground, or secured 6 structural stones of 500 kgs each one.
Space Required: 8 mts high, 10 mts wide, and 10 mts long.
⏳Time to set up: 60 min. Time to disassemble all: 60 min.

2- The trepied / Tripod. Self standing option

Free standing structure, without anchored points, that allows us to finish the show with fixed trapeze.
Minimum space required: 6 mts high, 7 mts wide, 7 mts long.
⏳Time to set up: 20 min. Time to disassemble all: 20 min.

3- We have the material to adapt the trapeze in theaters, circus tent, or outdooers. 

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