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Circus Artist, Dancer and Theater Maker
Argentinean / Italian

Curriculum Vitae (a summary version):

He was born in San Miguel de Tucumán, in Argentina. He began his physical training from childhood, as a gymnast. In 2006, after he finished his University degree in Comunication at UNSJ (Arg), he found the circus life. He start travelling first in South-America, where he descover the juggling and later the trapeze. His most important center for trainning and formation was La Escuela de Circo Criollo de los hermanos Videla, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he search and devolve his specialty in Trapeze, Fixed and Ballant.

He has participated in workshops in more than 10 countries, working on: Physical Theater, Clown, Jazz dance, Butoh dance, Flying low, Claquet and Handstand.

From 2013 he is living in Europe, presenting his first solo show: “NAGUAL”, and developing his body language us a scenic artist. From September 2016 to June 2018 he was living in Verscio, Switzerland, making his Master Program in Physical Theater, in Accademia Teatro Dimitri. Now he is living in Italy.

In his career he participate in several Festivals, Conventions and Variety shows, presenting their different circus acts and his spectacle. He has worked in this countries: Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, France, Belgium, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Germany.

Professional experience – Shows

•NAGUAL (75 Shows from 2017 to the presnt)

EUFORICO (60 presentations in between 2015 y 2016)
•Circo Atlas (400 shows – may 2013 to april 2014)
•Excéntricos Circo (50 shows – jan to febr 2013)
•Circo Arlequin (80 shows – jun to aug 2012)
•Circo Palace de Monaco (50 shows – mar to may 2012)
•Los Hermanos Excéntricos (30 shows- jan to feb 2012)
•Panam y Circo (110 shows – may to dec 2011)
•Ruidos Molestos (20 shows – apr to nov 2011)
•Circo del Capão (20 shows – aug 2010 to mar 2011)

He also works giving Intensive Seminars of Fixed Trapeze, objects manipulation and Movement conscience.

NAGUAL en GirovaGarte Sonico . PH Marco Gulberti 5

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