Moved by the wind

Physical and Aerial theater.

One dancer on stage starts a long pilgrimage through different manifestations of a body in conflict. A performance without words, comprehensible by all audiences, where everything is concentrated in the body of the performer, and his encounter with the public, the space and a trapeze.

Adaptable for theaters and street arts spaces.

Work length: 30 minutes

Directed and Performed by Adriano Cangemi (Arg / It)
Project developed within the Master program in Accademia Teatro Dimitri (CH)

SPECIAL PRICE: in Bewegter-wind Festival 2018, for the performance at the Katzenstein at Habichtswald-Dörnberg, Germany.

Video edited by: Santiago Bello

NAGUAL en GirovaGarte Sonico . PH Marco Gulberti 12

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