Moved by the wind

Physical and Aerial theater

Ph: Marco Gulberti

A unipersonal, multidisciplinary, poetic and provocative show. NAGUAL proposes a journey through different transformations of a body in conflict. With a personal dance full of symbolism, it narrates a myth that reborn in each scenario, giving to the viewers the possibility to create their own history. A performance without words, universal and for all kinds of public, where the focus is on the actor’s body and his encounter with the audience, space and a trapeze.

Work length: 30 minutes
Directed and Performed by Adriano Cangemi 🇦🇷/🇮🇹
Project developed within the Master-program in Accademia Teatro Dimitri 🇨🇭
SPECIAL PRICE: in Bewegter-wind Festival 2018, Dörnberg 🇩🇪

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🎥 filmed in BuskerBus Festival 🇵🇱

🎥 filmed Bewegter-wind Festival 🇩🇪

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